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Thanks for visiting the website of Fishman Pictures. We love what we do an we hope you enjoy it too. Fishman Pictures is an independent film production company working on personal projects as well as collaborating with other indie filmmakers and those with a creative passion beyond compare.

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Home: Portfolio

Here’s what happens when you get an average superhero matter-of-factly explaining their valid yet unremarkable super-heroic powers. Even in the Marvel Universe, some superheroes are destined for B-list status.

The hero of this film doesn’t shy away from reminding us that while he can bend the laws of physics, his clothing is decidedly of this world.

If Deadpool and Ant Man can have their own movies, well then make way for Backtrack too!

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Fishman Pictures is fortunate to have an incredible job which both challenges and artistically fulfills them. This year has been a busy one. We are proud to announce that our 60 second short film BackTrack was accepted into Filminute and we were awarded with the jury's choice.  We've also been steady working on our series TableTalb that was greenlight by Fullscreen Media and will premier on Fullscreen app mid July. Finally, our short film HAPA, introducing Olivia Breder is currently in post production.

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Kristy Richman


Nathan Hong Fisher

Kristy is currently attending Columbia University where she is obtaining her MFA in Film and Creative Producing. She has been in the film industry for almost a decade. Starting as talent then moving to casting, she know is honing her skills and focusing on show running and producing. 

Nathan is the current show runner and lead creative behind the series a TableTalk. Hailing from Seattle, he now resides in NY. His focus is on writing and directing although he obtains skills in motion graphics, producing, and theatre. 



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New York, NY


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